Highland Wrestling

Scotland’s version of Wrestling has been verified to be as old as the 6th century, and is second in age to only Greco-Roman Wrestling. It is even possible that it has been around longer. Many standing stones on the Isles have pictograms of what appear to be Celts and Picts Wrestling.

Highland Wrestling is similar to the more modern “Backhold” Wrestlng (see links at bottom of page), but is done in the traditional Highland manner. Kilts must be worn, and it is bare-chested and barefooted.

In the Traditional Games anyone who wanted to represent their Clan competed and were awarded useful prizes like farm tools, stoneware, walking/herding staffs, even weapons.

Join 2-time Grandfather Mountain Light-Heavyweight Champion Kenny Price and the rest of the Highland Wrestlers for this traditional take on The Games. For more information E-mail us at wrestling@kcscottishgames.org.

This year's Wrestling will start at 4pm Saturday.
Competitors can pre-register on our Facebook Page or the day of the event at least 30 min beforehand. The Competition will be followed by a Grand Viking Feast, which all participants and family are are allowed to attend after Wrestling.  Kids are strongly encouraged to Wrestle and all Kids will receive treasure from the Viking Hoarde..

Particpants should contact us via the Faceook Page

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Wrestling from 2011 KC Games
Scottish Wrestling

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